mz-24 12 Channel 2.4G.HZ HoTT Color TFT Transmitter
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mz-24 12 Channel 2.4G.HZ HoTT Color TFT Transmitter

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  • INCLUDES:12CH and 6CH Telemetry Receiver and Carrying Case
  • WARRANTY:Two Year


is what makes the Graupner mz-24 one of the most versatile radio on the market at a price point unmatched in the industry. With its 12 channels and built in real-time voice telemetry you will experience a new level of connection between you and your model. Usability is easy with the TFT color and touch screen. Navigating through the basic and function menus is simple with the touch of your finger, stylus or navigation keys.

The high precision quad bearings and adjustable gimbals with 4096 resolution provide a smooth feeling for accurate flight control. High reliability is achieved by hopping over 75 2.4 GHz channels to secure the most reliable interference free operating channel for a safe and worry free flight.


Telemetry is integrated in all of our HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) radio systems and the mz-24 will not require any additional purchase for important telemetry functions such as signal quality, temperature or receiver voltage. Like all of our HoTT receivers, the included 12ch and 6ch receivers provide telemetry functions that can be configured to notify you in case of an imminent system failure. Graupner provides a wide selection of telemetry ESC's, modules and sensors that can connect directly to your HoTT receivers for immediate operation without the need for external hub boxes or complex wiring. Our third party partners provide additional telemetry products that will seamlessly work with your mz-24 HoTT radio.

Telemetry functions and notifications can be easily assigned to switches to provide information about battery voltage, used battery capacity, altitude, flight direction, speed and much more increasing your situational awareness and adding extra flight safety. No more surprises from sudden depleted batteries or flying out of range situations. The real-time bi-directional HoTT transmission protocol will constantly monitor system health and notify you when needed. Flight information is logged on a SD memory card during flight with all the important flight data to help you later analyze your system reliability and performance.


All HoTT products can be programmed and setup directly from the mz-24 radio. No need for cables, computers or programming boxes! Need to reverse your motor direction, setup your flight controller or make receiver settings? The mz-24 radio provides easy access to all the available functions of any HoTT device directly from the radio. Each HoTT device contains a user interface just like a website where your mz-24 HoTT radio functions as a browser to access the HoTT device allowing you to make on the spot changes at the field and even in the air during flight!


Making good use of your investment in Graupner products is important to us. All of our HoTT products such as receivers, flight stabilization systems, multirotor flight controllers, flybarless controllers, ESC and many more are all designed to be compatible with another regardless of HoTT radio used. This unified technology standard will ensure the same operation and user experience across all devices increasing usability and ease of use when using Graupner HoTT products.

Our wide selection of HoTT flight controllers for flybarless helicopters, airplanes and multirotors will further enhance the usability of your mz-24 making it future proof for new developments.

Interoperability is further extended with our wireless trainer link where the mz-24 radio can be used with any other Graupner HoTT radio in student teacher mode.


  • Intuitively easy to use menus comparable to Smartphones
  • Quad bearings with 4096 resolution gimbals for smooth operation
  • External accessible stick tension adjustments
  • Voice announcements from built in speaker or optional ear piece
  • Real-time data logging of all critical flight information
  • Updateable firmware with Graupner Firmware Update Studio
  • Well balanced weight distribution of radio with comfortable rubber hand grips
  • User assignable switches and proportional controls
  • 12 fully proportional channels
  • User adjustable mode selection (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • External DSC port for flight simulator connections or third party devices
  • HoTTSync for exclusive and safe operation of your models
  • 6 freely assignable Q-Links (flight modes)
  • Selectable signal repetition time of 10ms or 20ms for digital or analog servos
  • Use of up to 75 frequency hopping channels to ensure operating reliability
  • Wireless student and teacher mode
  • 30 model memories with almost unlimited model storage on SD memory card
  • Multi receiver binding for expansion and system redundancy
  • Support for digital SUMD or SUMO outputs for third party products


  • mz-24 Transmitter
  • USB PC interface set
  • USB interface adapter wire
  • 4000 mAh LiPo Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • GR-24L 12ch receiver
  • GR-12L 6ch receiver
  • Manual
  • USB Cable
  • SD Card adapter
  • SD Card case
  • Micro SD Card
  • Hard case
  • USB adapter wire
  • Neckstrap
  • Two year Warranty






  • 14 Wing Types - NORMAL: 1A, 1A1F, 2A, 2A1F, 2A2F, 2A4F, 4A2F, 4A4F, DELTA: 2A, 2A1F, 2A2F, 2A4F, 4A2F, 4A4F
  • 3 Tail Types - Normal, V-Tail, 2 Elev.
  • 8 Free Program mixers, 5 x Linear Mixers, 3 x Curve Mixers
  • Aileron Differential
  • Throttle Curve Mixer
  • Flap Settings
  • Airbrake Function
  • V-Tail Function
  • Idle Low Function
  • Snap Roll Function
  • Dual Rate/Expo


  • 14 Wing Types - NORMAL: 1A, 1A1F, 2A, 2A1F, 2A2F, 2A4F, 4A2F, 4A4F, DELTA: 2A, 2A1F, 2A2F, 2A4F, 4A2F, 4A4F
  • 3 Tail Types - Normal, V-Tail, 2 Elev.
  • 8 Free Program mixers, 5 x Linear Mixers, 3 x Curve Mixers
  • Aileron Differential
  • Differential Reduction
  • Throttle Curve Mixer
  • Flap Settings
  • Camber Function
  • Butterfly Function with Elevator Compensation
  • V-Tail Function
  • Snap Roll Function
  • Dual Rate/Expo


  • 6 Swash Plate Types - 1S, 2S 180, 3S 120, 3S 140, 3S Elev, 4S 90
  • Pitch Curves (7 Points)
  • Throttle Curves (7 Points)
  • Pitch Throttle Trim x 6
  • Swash Limit
  • Swash Mixer
  • 8 Free Program mixers, 5 x Linear Mixers, 3 x Curve Mixers
  • Throttle Mixer - AILE>THRO, ELEV>THRO, RUDD>THRO
  • Gyro & Governor Function
  • Pitch Tail Mixer
  • Dual Rate/Expo



5 Stars
The BEST Systems on the market Bar None
Update 1/16/16These the MZ24 and MC32 have still been faultless and Rick solid, not one radio hit not one glitch.. just a rock solid lightning fast radio link. I did some range tests in a bunch of different areas (some high wifi/2.4ghz zones some open flat land with low 2.4 usage) the avg I got stock was 2.24k with the GR24 with a max of 2.77k and a min of 1.84k.. with a simple to make Wind Surfer antenna mod I was shocked.. I had an avg of 3.88 miles!!! With a max of 4.68 miles and a min of 3.41 miles! A wind surfer cost about 10 cents and 10 mins to make. It trippled the range.. the signal was higher at double the the max stock range as it was at 500 yards with the wind surfer, with it I was 3.5 miles out at had 75 to 85% signal left, I'll never fly again without one, it cost nothing and is very easy to build and weighs nothing and it looks kinda cool to.. it does make the radio slightly directional but only at long range do you need the radio pointing some what in the crafts direction, hold the radio in the general direction (as we all do when we fly anyhow) it will not act like a high gain narrow field directional antenna it will be some what directional but not much so, just try it and you will love it.. if you don't take it off and throw it away and your out a few cents and a few mins time. I can tell you that you will not be throwing it out.. you can use a 2.4ghz system for med long range fpv with a wind surfer and be totally locked it.. I could have went longer max max range tests was all done when the signal fell below 45% that was where I called it max range and came home for safetys sake, I had likely another 2+ miles of safe range left. With a wind surfer, this radio or the MC32 and a gr18 or up on flat land 5 miles will be no problem and likely 6 miles will be perfectly safe.I own both the Tray style MC32 and hand held style MZ24 Hott systems so this review is for both. I left Jeti last year for Graupner Hott and havent looked back (i sold all my Jeti stuff but kept my Futaba 18mz) these radios are the best on the market bar none, the Jeti feels nicer then the MZ24 but it's 3x the cost and that's to be expected plus it's due to the cnc alum frame of the Jeti, the Futaba 18mz feels of higher quality as well then the MZ24 but it's 6x the cost so it should but they do not feel any nicer then then MC32 in build quality wise.. the programming of the Hott radios is the best, the telemetry is the best as it is far superior to Futaba Fassest and equal to Jeti however it's much less costly for sensors and that gives it a big edge equal performance and quality for a fair bit less money that's a big deal when swapping radios to a large fleet of aircraft. These radios and the 3gx-3a-3m plus vario receivers are stunningly good (Hott systems in real world test have showed me an average of 30% longer range then any high end 2.4 system out there) I use the GR18 3gx-3a vario receivers and the GR24 3gx-3a-3m vario receivers in all my large 3D planes and as flybarless units in my 700 and 800 3d helis (I'm a world class 3D plane and heli pilot and they work as well as any FBL on the market and better then most and are totally 100% programmable via the transmitter so no carrying around a laptop for that reason anymore, and they are as good or better then any stand alone plane gyro flight stabilisation system I have ever flown) I fly the MC32 on all my large 3d gasser planes, large EDFs and Jet turbines as I prefer tray radios for large planes, I fly the MZ24 on all my small to med size high speed and 3D jets and planes as well as all 3D helis as I don't like tray radio for flying hard core 3D heli flight or smaller fast planes I prefer a hand held style radio for that and that's why I own both.. the built in telemetry is so good and after you get use to having it you can't .... Well won't want to fly without it... I fly the engine air module on all nitro and gas planes and the electric air module on all electric planes, I also exclusively fly the Graupner Hott ESCs in planes and helix so I get a ton of telemetry from them and the RX its self so no need for any other sensors on helis. These systems are far and away the best value is R/C flight radio systems, nothing else compares and when you factor price in that they blow everything out the water... The Hott systems will spoil you in quality of build, price, performance (speed wise they beat everything except Airtronics), range (about 30 longer range then any 2.4 system I have tested them with in the real world), the warranty is exceptionally good at 2 years and Graupner/SJ will take good care of you when it needs service, nothing comes close when talking about bang for the buck in sensor cost, receiver cost and TX cost.. I can go on and on.. when I sold my top end Jeti hand held and tray radios that told me something... The Hott systems are astonishingly awesome... I only kept the 18mz because I wanted that radio SOOOOOO bad when it first came out and sprung for it the day tower excepted pre orders.. I kept it for that sole reason.. I still fly it in a Logo 5 and 600 and a Goblin 7 and 800 and the MXSR will be flying Hott in its next flight more then likely just haven't swapped RXs yet but will prolly this weekend. When the Logos and Goblins meet there final fate and they will sooner or later when you fly hard 3D as low as I do lol... The Mighty Futaba 18mz will become a shelf queen just for the memory of how badly I wanted it. Do your self a favor, this coming from a world class sponsored Pilot (not currently sponsored by Graupner so it's not sells hype, I was sponsored by Jeti and left them for a radio that I'm not sponsored by and had to by with my own funds) no matter what you are thinking about buying, skip it and go with MC32 or MZ24 Hott system and you will think me later... These radios perform rock solid in places where spektrum DSMX users will get glitch after glitch, I've flown it in places where people say the only rock solid system is Futaba and the Hott systems never had a hit and I used to agree Fasst was the tightest link to receiver followed closely by Jeti and past those two brands I wouldn't trust my plane or helivto any other system but now I can safely make the statement the Hott systems are just as locked in as the Fasst systems with about 400 to 600 meters more range. Do your self the favor of buying any of the MC series depending on your needs and/or budget or the MZ18 or 24 once again depending on needs and/or budget and you will be stoked and super happy... The MZ12 is an amazing system as well and nothing else even comes remotely close to it for 150usd... Hell if you need only 6ch nothing else comes close to it for less the 300.. I have a MZ12 I use as a student radio so I know how awesome it is for the money. Like I said I could go on and on and on about the Hott systems as I have nicked the surface of how capable they are... Don't wonder what system to go with... Just get a Hott system and be as impressed as I am... It will be your smartest choice on the Radio market.One thing tho they are Battery Hogs and suck the Lipos down quick so charge it after every day of flying or keep a spare pack charged, I bought a 8000 mah pack that fits snug but fits none the less... I keep two of the 8k packs in the radio box along with the OEM 4k pack... I can fly the 4k pack dead easy in a day at the field if I don't charge it after flights.. the 8k pack I can not fly out in a day at the field even if flying pack or tank one after another.. in a full day at the field with a lot of heli and plane flying I can fly the 8k pack down to about 30%.. so if your days at the field are with a lot of radio on time keep it mind they both suck batterys hard, the 8K's for the MZ24 and MC32 just fine, the MC32 is a little better on battery then the MZ is....
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Reviewed by:  from Amazon. on 10/17/2015
5 Stars
This is truely an impressive radio.
I have been using mine for 9 months now without hint of a problem. The color touch screen and set-up features are superior to any radio that I have seen with the exception of maybe Futaba's flagship radio that I can't afford. Being a senior RC'R the radio that I replaced was about 25 years old so this has been quite a learning experience. The telementry is great and most is available wothout add on's. I just installed one of the PRO recievers with the 3 axis gyro built in the receiver in a small (50) electric plane and it flys like a much larger aircraft. I have upgraded the firmware twice now and received minor fixes, and new features without any problems. One that I noticed last time was on the battery timer. When you install a recharged battery the radio senses the higher voltage and automatically resets the battery timer to 0, something that I occasionally would forget to do. I get over 4 hours of battery use on a recharge. The voice anouncements are great and I like having the time on my timer announced at a preset interval so I dont have to look down to see the time. The owners manual was a little hard for me to follow (being an old guy), looks like all of the programing additions and improvements haven't made it into the manual as yet. I have not found anything to grip about with this radio and every time that I set up a new plane on it, I find more great new features . The set-up wizard will help guide you thru the set-up until you get up to speed on the menu's GREAT RADIO!
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Reviewed by:  from Littleton. on 4/14/2015
5 Stars
I've purchased this radio via Tower Hobbies
I've purchased this radio via Tower Hobbies. The Hott system is very fast. Reaction time from Transmitter to receiver is precise. I have a Futaba 7 channel......goodbye Futaba. You won't be dissatisfied
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5 Stars
Five Stars
Truly amazing transmitter for a great price. You won't be disappointed.
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5 Stars
Great radio, great features
Great radio, great features and great price for the best technology. I am very very happy with this transmiter. The telemetry is excelent and help so much when i fly.
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