3D 3-Blade Propeller 3.8 x 3.5 - 2 x R/CW and 2 x L/CCW White

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The Graupner 3 bladed 3D RACE COPTER propellers have been designed specifically for the new 3D generation multirotors like the Graupner Alpha 300Q 3D Copter. To achieve 3D flight with a multirotor a specially designed propeller is needed to be able to fly inverted with the same performance as during regular flight. The Graupner 3D RACE COPTER propellers have a fully symmetrical blade design and neutral blade geometry. This guarantees identical performance when rotational direction of the propeller is changed during flight.

These propellers can also be used on regular multirotor air frames providing you with excellent efficiency and performance.


  • Optimized for multirotor and 3D flight
  • Symmetrical blade design
  • Low weight for better performance
  • Made out of glass reinforced polyamide
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Set of four propellers (2X R/CW and 2X L/CCW)


To avoid possible injuries please take note of the following safety precautions.

  • Propellers are only suitable for electric motors!
  • Modifications to the propeller are not permissible!
  • Never stand in the hazard zone in front of or next to one side of the propeller plane!
  • Never touch the rotating propeller!
  • Never re-use a damaged propeller!
  • Never allow the propeller to exceed the stated maximum permissible rotational speed (RPM, see table).
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