5.8 GHz 32ch 600mw Video Transmitter

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Specially designed for long range FPV, the Graupner 5.8GHz video transmitter provides impressive ranges of up to 1.5km in open areas. With 600mW of output power and under a wide voltage range (12V and 24V) it can handle any demanding video task required for your FPV needs. The moisture-proof case provides optimal protection during transmissions.


  • Wide operational voltage ranges between 12V and 24V
  • Transmits over 32 channels
  • Compatible with most 5.8GHz receivers
  • Simple operation using digital channel and band readout


  • Graupner 5.8GHz 600mW transmitter
  • Standard dipole antenna
  • AV & Power Cables


Always ensure that the antenna is properly connected before turning on the transmitter to avoid damaging the RF circuitry.


The use and operation of this type of product may require a license and some countries may forbid its use entirely. In the USA, you will need a "HAM" amateur radio license. Learn more about FCC HAM licenses here. It is your responsibility to ensure that use of this product meets the requirements imposed by your country’s rules and regulations for RF devices. Do not purchase this product if you are unsure about your government’s requirements or if you are not able to comply with them. Graupner cannot be held responsible for your actions if you purchase and/or use this product in violation of your government's regulations. By agreeing to our terms and conditions during the check-out process, you also agree to have read and to understand this notice.