GR-12 6CH V2 Airplane Gyro Telemetry Receiver

GR-12 6CH V2 Airplane Gyro Telemetry Receiver

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The Graupner GR-12 Gyro telemetry receiver features an integrated 3-axis stabilization system to make it easier for fixed wing pilots to control their airplanes under different flying conditions.

With integrated telemetry, the GR-12 is easy to setup using only your Graupner radio to access all stabilization functions without the need for cables or computers. Beginner pilots will especially appreciate what this flight stabilization system has to offer when learning how to fly RC airplanes.

The GR-12 Gyro Vario receiver can be used in almost any airplane, sport, 3D, aerobatic as well as sailplanes. The GR-12 also provides internal mixers to accommodate different type of wing configurations such as V-Tail, dual elevators and butterfly.

The GR-12 gyro receiver can be expanded with additional telemetry modules (GPS, Altimeter, ESC Telemetry)


  • 3-axes airplane stabilization
  • Multi-mode stabilization OFF/Normal/Heading Lock/Rate
  • Modes and rates can be changed during flight
  • Ultra-fast gyro sensors for fast and crisp response
  • Setup made easy using your Graupner radio
  • Supports V-Tail, Dual Elevators, Butterfly, Flaperon mixing
  • Real-time wireless flight data recording
  • Built in telemetry for signal strength, temperatures and receiver voltage
  • Free firmware upgrades using Graupner Firmware Update Studio


  • GR-12 Gyro Vario Receiver
  • Manual