The AMA East show was yet another great show where we were able to meet our customers, find new customers and present our new products.

The mz-16 had a great interest from many of you and we should have those for sale within the next 2 weeks. Our new product the StickMover was a big hit at the show with many of you taking one back home. The StickMover is a great learning device which we will be soon expanding with a full featured add-on flight simulator to make the learning experience even better!

Also our drone ball Sweeper had lots of attention and the flying cage was well attended especially when Leo Nordell our junior team pilot showed his magic tricks flying the drone ball.

The show felt better attended compared to last year however attendance is declining each year which is sad to see as we all know it reflects the state of the hobby industry. This show may well be our last indoor show on the east coast unless the AMA decides to have another one next year.

However, it does not mean that vendors like Graupner are stopping their innovations and release of new products we believe are of value to our customers. We do this with passion but at the end its you the customer that needs to make the effort to engage us at indoor and outdoor events to show your interest and reward us with your business.

We hope to see more of you during the shows ahead of us in 2019!

For those of you visiting our booth this year a big thank you for taking the time. You may also have noticed a very knowledgeable young man named Leo Nordell at our booth explaining and demonstrating our products which he knows how to do very well! Leo is our youngest team pilot who has earned his marks at national competitions as an accomplished pylon racer.

Leo also won the aircraft static competition at the AMA Expo for which we would like to congratulate him! Leo and his dad Ola are what we need to see more often to help re-ignite our hobby to ensure future continuity of this wonderful hobby.

Leo has been inspiring us at Graupner and we look forward to continue helping Leo in 2019 to accomplish big things. Well done Leo!

Blue skies and we look forward meeting you again at our next event.