Alpha 110 Quad Mini FPV - ARF Race Copter

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Considering getting into FPV?  The Graupner Alpha 110 Quad Copter can help guide you through mastering the art of flying under the hood! The nimble and extremely maneuverable Alpha 110 provides the perfect practice platform to prepare you for the next level of FPV racing when transitioning to larger size copters. Don’t let the small size deceive you: the Alpha 110 uses the same technology as our other multirotor racers (Alpha 250Q and Alpha 300Q).  

Based on our GR-18 flight controller the Alpha 110 provides the same ease-of-use and control functions many others have experienced when using Graupner multirotor flight controllers. The GR-18 is a long-range receiver that uses the Graupner HoTT protocol enabling real-time telemetry data of signal strength, receiver voltage and temperature to assist pilots during flight. Power and simplicity are the hallmarks of the GR-18. 


The Alpha 110 comes fully assembled – just bind it and you’re ready to go.  The Alpha 110 can be bound to any Graupner radio (i.e. mz-8, mz-10C, mz-12, mz-18, mz-24 PRO) using the same settings as the Alpha 250Q race copter.

The Alpha 110 adapts quickly to its surroundings with its fast and crisp response times.  Have a fun trip flying through your house or around your backyard with the integrated crystal clear image camera. Use any of the FPT TFT monitors or strap on a pair of our FPV goggles to freely see the world from above.


Safety is key when flying race copters and the Alpha 110 provides you with real-time information regarding main battery level, giving you plenty of time to return and land safely before depletion.  The Alpha 110 has been specially tuned for optimal FPV flight but the SmartBox (sold separately) allows you to fine tune the PID settings to your own liking.


  • GR-18 multirotor flight controller software
  • Fully assembled and ready to go in minutes
  • Light frame construction with blade guards
  • Integrated FPV 5.8 GHz video camera
  • Uses Graupner HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) protocol
  • High intensity LED lights helps maintaining orientation
  • Works with any Graupner HoTT Radio
  • Multiple flying modes: attitude for beginners and rate for advanced pilots
  • Auto flip function for spectacular aerobatics
  • Over-the-Air setup using HoTT radio or SmartBox (sold separately)
  • Updatable firmware


  • Alpha 110 FPV Copter
  • Rechargeable 350 mAh LiPo battery
  • USB charger cable
  • Set of extra propeller blades
  • Manual