Alpha 250 V2 Conversion Kit
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Alpha 250 V2 Conversion Kit

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The Graupner Alpha 250Q V2 race copter upgrade kit was developed based on feedback from our team pilots and has evolved into a competitive multirotor racing frame. The V2 upgrade set is designed with two main chassis plates, a middle chassis plate, two intermediate plates and 4 rubber grommets.

The V2 copter frame is made from pure carbon and is extremely resistant. The upgrade kit is designed to effectively protect all electronic gear such as FPV camera, flight controller, receiver and video transmitter during hard impacts and crashes. The frame is also designed with a significantly narrower profile therefore resulting in lower air resistance and drag, making the V2 noticeably more dynamic.

When upgrading the Alpha 250Q V1, our engineers took careful consideration in developing the frame so that all original components could be used: your motors, motor arms, ESCs and flight controllers are completely interchangeable.

Your V1 Alpha 250Q will look and perform different with the added flexibility of multiple frame configurations. Change things up with fully symmetric or asymmetric frame variants: build an asymmetrical frame size of 8.26in (210mm), a symmetrical/asymmetrical frame size of 10.82/11.02in (275/280mm), or an asymmetrical/symmetrical frame size of 9.84in (250mm).

Why frame configurations? Because differing frame sizes can easily accommodate different prop sizes: the 8.26in (210mm) frame is designed for 5'' props, the 9.84in (250mm) frame it will accommodate both 5'' or 5.5'' props, and the 11.02in (280mm) configuration is the size for attaching monster 6” props.

With the resulting frame upgrade and the wide range of new options provided, we highly recommend updating your ESCs with our new 20A ONESHOT ESCs and latest race propellers.

Your options keep growing with Graupner.


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