Alpha 250Q Race Copter Frame and Electronics Kit

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Become an expert on multirotor assembly and operation with the Alpha 250Q kit and have fun customizing your model.  Install your own flight controller or use our award-winning GR-18C flight controller (sold separately) which has been specially tuned for the Alpha 250Q.

The Alpha 250Q race copter's strong carbon frame is easy to repair with our wide selection of spare parts, making it an excellent race copter for beginners.  Improve your build with a myriad of components such as FPV, LED's, conversion frames and more.

The supplied electronics provides everything you need to fly the latest flight controller platforms with crisp and fast response. The Graupner ONESHOT ESC's was recently built to include upgradeable BLHeli firmware. Combined with the Graupner propeller set you can be assured that the Alpha 250Q will perform optimally.  Go out and get your build on!


  • Strong carbon frame with 3mm carbon arms
  • Hand wound Graupner ULTRA motors
  • 20A ULTRA Control ESC's with BLHeli software
  • Firmware upgradeable ESC's
  • Graupner C-Props for optimal efficiency and performance
  • Switching BEC with built in voltage telemetry
  • All required assembly materials are included


  • 16520.V2 Alpha 250Q V2 Conversion Kit
  • S1019         GR18C Multirotor Flight Controller
  • S1002.G1 mz-12 Multirotor/Drone and Airplane radio
  • S1001.G1 mz-10C Multirotor/Drone radio
  • S8474         Power distribution board


  • Alpha 250Q Carbon frame
  • Screws and assembly materials
  • 2x UTRA 2804 Motors Right
  • 2x UTRA 2804 Motors Left
  • 4x 20A ULTRA Control ESC's
  • 1x Voltage module with SBEC
  • 4x Graupner propellers
  • 1x Assembly manual