Alpha 300 3D Race Copter Frame

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Become an expert on multirotor assembly and operation by building your own Alpha 300Q 3D. Have fun customizing your model with your own flight controller and power system. The Alpha 300Q is now also available in kit form to satiate all your build requirements. The supplied components are identical to our high-performance Alpha 300Q ARF model, ensuring optimal performance.

Flying a multirotor will never be the same again! The Alpha 300Q 3D is the new standard for anything multirotor! Whether you are a seasoned 3D pilot or proficient racer, this model will bring you to the next level of multirotor flying: bend the laws of physics and defy gravity with inverted flight, tic toc's and all your favorite 3D maneuvers.

The Alpha 300Q 3D is built around a strong 3mm lightweight carbon competition frame, making it extremely durable during all flight phases. Parts are easily replaced as needed, requiring only basic tools.


Our engineers at Graupner had to redesign everything and think outside the box to make the Alpha 300Q 3D the best 3D multirotor racer in its class. The extremely lightweight carbon fiber frame was specially created to protect the electronics and battery in the event of a mishap yet remains roomy enough to afford future expansion.


  • Quadcopter 3D ALPHA 300Q Carbon Frame
  • Screws and small parts for assembly


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