Amigo IV Sailplane 2000 - 79"|ARF

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The original Graupner Amigo was designed in 1960 and has proven to be one of our most popular sailplanes for many decades. Over the years the design was adapted to meet user requirements and input and the new Amigo IV has produced a new model that blends nostalgia with excellent flight characteristics that makes the Amigio IV a great beginner or competition sailplane.

The new Amigo IV comes in either KIT or ARTF version and can be outfitted with an optional electric power pod for electric flight.

Amigo IV KIT

The kit version of the Amigo IV comes with all parts precise lase-cut as well as all the necessary components such as horns, clevises and assembly parts. The Amigo kit will guide you through building your own sailplanes and for the experienced builders it provides the opportunity to modify the build to their own preference and requirements.

Amigo IV ARF

Our ARF version requires little time to get ready for flight. The model is already build and covered and all needed to finish your Amigo are two servos for the elevator and rudder control.

The Amigo IV is expertly covered and requires only applying the supplied decals which increases overall appearances.


  • Light laser-cut balsa construction
  • Outstanding flight performance
  • Ideal ALES sailplane with optional electric conversion
  • Airfoil NACA 4409
  • Excellent beginners airplane


  • Laser-cut wooden parts.
  • Assembly materials
  • Building plan and manual
  • Decals