BO 209 Monsun 2200 - 87" Gas | Electric | ARF

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Brand: Graupner
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The Graupner BO 209 Monsun is a replica of a two-seater sports aircraft made by Messerschmitt Bolkow. The docile flight characteristics of the original have been transferred to the model resulting in a visual appealing airplane with excellent flying qualities.

The BO 209 Monsun has excellent sport aerobatics flying capabilities and due to its large landing flaps, it facilitates very low, scale like landings. When installing the included aero-tow coupling the BO 209 Monsun can be used to tow glider models with a wingspan of up to 4.5 meters. The steerable nose landing gear gives the model excellent ground maneuverability for taxi and takeoff. Navigation lights are installed in the wingtips, making it easier to recognize the flight position of the model.


  • Almost Ready to Fly (ARTF) model
  • Conventional framed ply construction
  • Suitable for gas (33 ccm) or electric flight (12S 200-250 Kv)
  • Aileron, rudder, and elevators with locking design
  • Fuselage, wings, and tailplane pre-covered with Ultracote
  • Rudder control via cable pulls
  • Easy attachable main wings.
  • Ailerons, elevators, and rudder with locking design
  • Low landing speed thanks to large landing flaps
  • Wing tip lights included
  • Main landing gear with shock absorber
  • Boarding steps can be removed for transport
  • RC Functions, Rudder, Elevator, Aileron, Flaps, Motor, Aero-tow coupling


  • BO-209 Monsun ARF
  • Spinner, pilot, wheels, and small parts
  • Accessories for rudder linkages and aero-tow coupling