CAM Gear Folding Propeller 13 x 10 (33 x 25 cm)

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Graupner CAM folding propellers are a name to recon within the sailplane community. The CAM Gear series are specially designed for geared motors providing the full power right at the motor start.

All CAM propellers are precisely engineered and optimized to provide the highest efficiency across the widest range of flight envelope. The Computer Aided Manufacturing ensures tight tolerances during the production process using carbon reinforced materials to ensure optimal stiffness and minimal distortion.


  • High efficiency over a wide range of operation.
  • CAM blades are digitally calculated for optimize aerodynamics
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) guarantees tight tolerances
  • Specially designed for geared motor applications


  • Blade root: 6 mm
  • Rotating direction: Right
  • Diameter / bore : 2.1 mm


  • Pair of CAM Folding Props


Do not exceed the maximum of 7000 RPM which is the maximum RPM for the propeller design!