G-SONIC Propeller 24 x 10 Bore 10mm

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The proven blade design of the G-SONIC propellers has been known for their high resistance that has led to an increase in torsional strength, bending strength and tensile strength. Newer manufacturing processes has made the G-SONIC propeller series even more efficient generating more thrust at reduced noise levels. Manufacturing is drawn on the latest science using advanced CAD/CAM systems and machines. Such precise approach optimizes the concentricity and blade tracking during a wide range of flight conditions.


  • Designed for nitro and gas airplanes
  • High efficiency over a wide range of operation.
  • Extensive CAD/CAM process for optimal results
  • Stronger materials guarantee lower noise levels


  • One G-SONIC Propeller


To avoid possible injuries please take note of the following safety precautions.

  • Modifications to the propeller are not permissible!
  • Never stand in the hazard zone in front of or next to one side of the propeller plane!
  • Never touch the rotating propeller!
  • Never re-use a damaged propeller!
  • Never allow the propeller to exceed the stated maximum permissible rotational speed (RPM, see table).
? in inches
Max. RPM ? in inches Max. RPM ? in inches Max. RPM
5" 30700 12" 13300 19" 8300
6" 26600 13" 12100 20" 7850
7" 22200 14" 11200 21" 7500
8" 20000 15" 10500 22" 7170
9" 17400 16" 9800 23" 6900
10" 16000 17" 9300 24" 6570
11" 14300 18" 8700 25" 6300

Best performance, great value
I put this prop on a DA-70 with a 60mm drop 2 into 1 header. I cut 2" off of the length of the header and used an MTW TDH 110 rear exit canister muffler. At 4500' elevation I get 6900 rpm static. Prop is heavy enough to idle at about 1300 rpm. I don't have a scale big enough to measure static thrust yet. This will probably be my climb prop. I have a 24x12 too, but is probably too much for the ground running I am doing now. Plane is not done. There are 4 holes partially drilled in the back for prop bolts. They are in the right place and correct spacing for my DA-70. These Graupner props are a great value. I have a 20x8 that I use on a DA-35 and a 20x10 for the same engine piped. These props make more static thrust at the same rpm than a wood Xoar or a carbon Mejzlik. They cost half as much as a Mejzlik, about the same as a Xoar, and are way more durable. You can hit all kinds of weeds and a little bit of gravel, sand the tips down and keep using them.
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Reviewed by:  from BOZEMAN on 4/18/2019