Micro Magic Race Carbon V2 Kit

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P/N: 2014.CV2
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After a long absence from the U.S. market the Micro Magic is back with an improved V2 design! Specifically designed for racing, the sleek 21? sloop rigged Micro Magic features molded ABS plastic hull and deck, carbon mast and booms, adjustable keel, and ready-made ICAREX single panel sails with carbon battens. To achieve a particularly high stability, keel fin and rudder are injection-molded from glass fiber reinforced plastic. The keel can be shifted by 5 mm on the longitudinal axis. This allows optimum adaptation of the model to prevailing conditions and the preferences of the skipper. The slightly reduced areas and slim profile of the fin and rudder result in reduced drag.

The sails are already pre-fabricated and are supported with carbon fiber rods. The Micro Magic requires no sail winch and can be operated with standard servos.


  • Carbon-look and color scheme
  • CNC precision cut ABS parts for hull
  • Deck, hood and 2-part keel mast sleeve
  • Laser cut ABS-parts for interior design
  • Rudder and keel fin of fiberglass and reinforced plastic
  • Cast keel ballast
  • Various plastic injection parts
  • Carbon fiber tubing for mast and boom
  • Ready-made sail


  • Micro Magic Kit
  • Decals and decorations
  • Wood strips and small parts
  • Wooden ship stand
  • Building Instructions