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The Graupner 4in1 Ultra Control 30A Race speed controller addresses the need for race copter and FPV racers in a small and high-performance design. The design uses high quality components and optimized software to ensure super-fast and high performance under the most extreme race conditions.

The Ultra Control 30A Race is based on the open source BLHeli software utilizing standard servo pulses, oneshot, multishot and D-Shot which can be tweaked and updated by the user with standard BLHeli software.

The controller uses the modern 50 MHz Silabs processor which has twice the clock rate of its predecessors which guarantees increased speed and more precise timing at high speeds. The power amplifier is in a 3.3 x 3.3 DFN package while special FET drivers provide a more efficient and effective freewheeling for better cooling of the power amplifier. The ceramic capacitors used allow very fast start-up times and guarantee high operational safety.

The Ultra Control 30A Race detects normal (PPM) receiver pulses and also responds to OneShot, Multishot or D-Shot pulses.

The controller and servo outputs are already optimized for the Graupner GR-18, as well as the AIO Flight Controllers with HoTT receiver and Racecopter settings.

The speed limit of the 30A Race is 400,000 rpm for 2-pole motors.

To program the Ultra Control 30A Race and update it’s firmware the Graupner USB interface cable P/N 7168.6 is needed.


  • Open source BLHeli software
  • 50 MHz Silabs processor
  • High quality DFN 3.3x3.3 EP FET amplifiers
  • Special FET driver
  • Ceramic capacitors, as well as suppressor diode for protection against over voltages
  • PPM receiver pulses, OneShot, Multishot and D-Shot software enabled
  • Servo paths and settings for HoTT receiver and AIO preprogrammed for bidirectional mode
  • XT-60 battery plug
  • Hole spacing 30.5 mm x 30.5 mm


  • 4in1 Ultra Control 30A Race speed controller