Der Kleine UHU - RC or Free Flight Sailplane Kit
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Der Kleine UHU - RC or Free Flight Sailplane Kit

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“Der Kleine UHU” is a classic blast from the past designed for free-flight or RC sailplane. This model sailplane has been the springboard for many modelers into the fascinating hobby of airplane modelling. This is the ninth generation of the model after its introduction in 1950 and with this release we at Graupner hope that our younger generation will be stimulated again into building and experience the magic of flight.

The model has been enhanced and re-designed at many places while still retaining the requirements of the free-flight competition class.

This model has a bigger wing span designed with a lower wing drag design eliminating wing ribs and wingtips that increase stability. The free-flight model has a V-Tail with CAM control and separate trim tab. The flight performance has been significantly improved compared to the previous model and the new visual design is a real eye catcher.

The model can be built as a free-flight or RC model. Launching the model can be done with a hi-start launching device. When building this model with an RC system a basic 2-4 channel radio will be sufficient to control the model.


  • Classical wood building model kit
  • High quality laser cut materials
  • Carbon reinforced tail boom
  • Detailed English instruction manual
  • Designed for free-flight or RC
  • Best in its class design for learning airplane modelling
  • Building tools and UHU glue included.


  • Laser cut sheets from balsa and plywood
  • Clear English instructions
  • Tail boom made out of CFRP
  • Wing joiner made out of CFRP
  • UHU Glue Express
  • Assembly jigs for V-Tail, ribs and wing
  • Attractive decals
  • Sanding block
  • Hours of educational fun!
"Der Kleine UHU" contains trade mark owned by UHU Gmbh & Co KG, Germany