4. Thunder Tiger Explorer 1500 PRO - PNP

Thunder Tiger Explorer 1500 PRO - PNP

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The Thunder Tiger Explorer 1500 PRO is a 1.5M glider that is easy to put together and easy to fly. It is equipped with an efficient and powerful motor, ESC and folding propeller that will bring you at altitude in no time.

All parts fit nicely together and with the removeable wing and tail halves your Explorer 1500 PRO is easy to transport to the field in a convenient and easy way. The removeable canopy provides ample access to the battery compartment where a 3S 2200 mAh battery will fit nicely.

The Explorer 1500 PRO comes with everything needed to get you going. All electronics such as brushless motor, ESC and servos are already installed. All that is needed is a 4 channel radio to control the motor, elevator, ailerons and rudder.

The front air intake channels will ensure proper cooling for the brushless motor enhancing overall safety and efficiency without the worries of overheating the electronic components during long flights.

The Explorer 1500 PRO Glider is made from tough EPO foam, a lightweight material that is resistant to cracks and handles better due to its sturdiness.


  • Made from strong EPO foam
  • All electronics included
  • Professionally factory assembled
  • Brushless 1150Kv motor
  • Folding propeller 10x8
  • Electronic speed controller 40A
  • Removeable main wings and stabilizer
  • Efficient electronics cooling


  • Explorer 1500 PRO ARTR Glider
  • Electronics (servos, motor, ESC)
  • Folding propeller
  • Manual