FPV - Freestyle Cube Set of 4 Cubes

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Brand: Graupner
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Sharpen your flying skills with the Graupner Freestyle Cube.   Made from durable red polyester fabric, making it highly visible for any solo or racing circuit.   The Freestyle Cube comes in its own carrying case for convenient storage and portability.  Its popup design takes mere seconds to deploy and easily folds down into a flat, compact disk.   The cube comes with tension cords and ground stakes so it can be anchored into place as well as connecting rods to attach multiple cubes together.

Use the Freestyle Cube by itself for precision practice: all six sides of the cube have a 3ft opening so you can fly in from the top, bottom or sides.  Or carefully maneuver through a maze of passageways by attaching multiple cubes together to create blocks, walls or towers.  Looking for a greater challenge?  Set up a crazy circuit by coupling the Freestyle Cube with any of Graupner’s FPV accessories: you and your friends will have an incredible time racing around flags and through cubes and under archways.  The Freestyle Cube makes an excellent companion to the Alpha 110 FPV copter, or any of Graupner’s multirotor models. Go out and get your race on!


  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Comes in a protective carrying case with handles
  • Highly visible red color
  • Stack multiple cubes together with enclosed connecting rods
  • Perfect for use with other Graupner Flags and Gates (sold separately)


  • Width:                  51.18in (1300mm)
  • Length:                 51.18in (1300mm)
  • Openings:           3.28ft (1m)
  • Material:              Polyester


  • Freestyle Cube
  • Carrying Case
  • Connecting Rods
  • Tension Cords
  • Metal Ground Stakes