GPS AIO - Magnetometer and Barometer

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Utilizing UBlox SAM-M8Q receiver technology and GPS/GLONASS satellites, the Graupner AIO (all in one) GPS comes with an embedded magnetometer (IST8310) and barometer (MS5611).

The GPS can be fully integrated with our AIO multirotor flight controller P/N S1038 or any open source flight controller such as iNav, Betaflight or Ardupilot.

When used with our AIO multirotor flight controller P/N S1038 functions such as Autopilot, Coming Home, waypoint flying with speed control and location hold are all possible and can be controlled with the free Graupner HoTT Viewer App for Android or with the optional iMSB App and Bluetooth module for iPhone or iPad.


  • GPS UBlox SAM-M8Q for up to 10Hz signal request
  • Barometer sensor (MS5611) with I2C
  • Magnetometer sensor (IST8310) with I2C
  • Autopilot capable with Graupner flight controller P/N S1038


  • Graupner GPS AIO Board
  • Installation Material