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Ever wished you had a skilled pilot next to you teaching you how to fly aerobatic or 3D maneuvers?

Or, you have been out of the hobby for too long and need a helping hand to get started re-building up your muscle memory and bring back your confidence flying RC airplanes or helicopters?

Or, maybe you want to get into flying RC models and there is no one to help you out and teach you how to fly!

StickMover comes to the rescue!

The StickMover is a training device that translates visual movements of an RC model to physical control movements you can feel while watching a maneuver on the screen. The control sticks will mechanically move while you are holding the sticks to get a sense of the physical movements needed to replicate the maneuver.

StickMover works with you until you master the maneuver!

What can you do with StickMover?


Ever felt that whatever you do it just does not seem right? You have the maneuver in your head but not in your fingers. For many airplane and helicopter maneuvers muscle memory is critical and this is what StickMover will help you to achieve.

With over hundred different flight maneuvers available you will be able to feel the flight with StickMover!


StickMover can be used with flight simulators such as AeroflyRC and Next where you fly a maneuver using your own radio which is synchronized with StickMover. As you move your control sticks, StickMover moves its sticks with you!

When recording your flight on the simulator you can play the flight, view it and feel the flight and capture those moments you need to improve for a perfect performance.

With StickMover you can Feel IT, Try IT and go Fly IT!


Ever whished you can expand on your existing skill sets? How about learning IMAC airplane maneuvers or a pirouetting loop with your helicopter?

With StickMover you select a maneuver to learn and slowly build up the muscle memory needed to perform the same on your own model.

No more second-guessing which control inputs are needed. With repetitive practicing using the StickMover you will become an RC ace in no time!


The StickMover is an excellent training device for flight instructors enabling them to teach their students not only how to fly but also which control inputs are needed to successfully master the basics such as takeoff and landings, stall recovery and basic aerobatics.

Flying clubs can now expand their reach with teaching and training their students making them better prepared for real flight.


The StickMover has an extensive training curriculum that teaches you new skills from the protective comfort of your home without the worries of making mistakes that may result in crashing your costly models.

Whether you are an advanced pilot or an aspiring pilot that wants to progress to the next level of RC flight the StickMover is there to hold your hand until you become a skilled expert!


  • StickMover Control Unit
  • 10 Skills 
  • USB Cable
  • AC/DC Power Supply


Helicopter Skills

Airplane Skills

360 Turn With Roll
4 Point Rainbows With Half Rolls
4 Point Roll 4 Point Roll Back
4 Pushed
Half Flips
Backward circle
Backward Knife Edge Pirouette
Backward Loop
Backward Rolling Circle
Big Ben
Chaos Loop
Cuban Eight Backwards
Death spiral
Double 4 Point Tic Toc
Double Immelmann
Double Roll Backwards
Forward Rolling loop
Four-Way Pirouetting Tic-Toc
Funnel with half rolls
Inside loop
Inverted Backward Horizontal Eight
Inverted Horizontal Eight
Inverted pirouette
Pirouetting Global Reversal
Pirouetting Funnel
Pirouetting Loop
Roll Backwards
Roll Forwards
Rolling circle
Square of rainbows
Stationary Flips
Tic-Toc Side
Traveling Backflip

2 Turn Opposite Spin
2 Turn Spin
2-2 Point Roll With Full Snap Opposite
45 Degree Down With Full Snap Roll
90 degree snap turns
Cuban Eight With 2-4 Roll
Double Immelmann With Full Roll
Figure M With 3-4 Roll
Harrier flying
Humpty Bump Half Roll Up 2-4 Roll Down
IMAC Advanced Known – 2018
IMAC Basic Known – 2018
IMAC Intermediate Known – 2018
IMAC Sportsman Known- 2018
IMAC Unlimited Known – 2018
Inverted forward slip
Inverted Harrier flying
Knife Edge Loop
Knife Edge Snake
Knife edge spin
Left rolling harrier circle
Loop With 4-Point Roll
One Horizontal Snap Roll
Power Rolls Left And Right
Right rolling harrier circle
Rolling Circle With One Roll Inside
Rolling harrier in both directions
Slow Roll
Square Horizontal Eight
Square Loop With Half Roll
Stall Turn 3/4 Roll Up and 3/4 Roll Down
Stall turn with 1/4 roll up and 3/4 roll down
Test Robin – Outside Loop
The Snake
Torque Rolling
Triangular Loop With Full Roll
Two 3-4 Rolls Reversed
Wibble Wobble

RC Pilot
I bought mine at the Toledo show after trying it out at their booth to get a feel for it. Skeptical as I was I started focusing on a few maneuvers which I knew how to fly but were never perfect and sometimes get screwed up without me understanding what I did wrong. Now I am not a pro and consider myself a intermediate flyer so I had my hopes high I started practicing the knife edge loop and slow rolls which I flew ok, but were never consistent and sometimes all over the place. In the beginning it felt very odd but after 10 minutes I started to get more comfortable with how this thing works. I switched then to my flight simulator to check how I was doing and I gradually noticed improvements. I did this for 3 days for about 30 minutes and eventually made it to the field. The first time I was flying the knife edge loop I flew the same way as I did before only to catch myself noticing my mistake and immediately correcting them with what I learned with the stickmover. A few minutes into the flight I nailed it each time! I now started to pick out maneuvers that I would have not dared to fly. Using the stickmover requires to focus on 2-3 maneuvers which you need to practive every day for 20-30 minutes. If you want to learn how to do things better or properly and learn new rc tricks this is a great product to have. Only thing they should improve is the load time of the software as it appears it is loading the same stuff each time you start.
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Reviewed by:  from Dayton, OH on 4/26/2019
“Perfect practice makes perfect”
We have all heard people say, “Practice makes perfect”. This is true to a point but most people who say this have paraphrased the real saying which is “Perfect practice makes perfect”. If you keep trying to fly a maneuver the same way time and time again and keep getting it wrong, that practice will never get you to “Perfect”, it will only make correcting the bad habits even harder. I’ve been flying RC aircraft for most of my life and like to do some basic aerobatic flight maneuvers but I have never done them as crisp or correct as the pilots who fly competition. I’ve asked many of the “Pros” for help and when I have tried to follow their instructions I found myself falling back into my learned bad habits only to be frustrated. Enter the StickMover. After receiving the StickMover and setting it up I picked a few maneuvers that I have not been getting quite right. At first it felt strange having my fingers pushed in directions that in my mind were not correct but after a few times through the maneuver I realized it had been me that had been applying the wrong inputs. Once I started letting the StickMover show me the correct movements and timing and building my muscle memory for about 15 to 20 minutes I gave it a go on the simulator. I could see some difference and I caught myself before making a wrong input. Long story short, the StickMover is helping me to become more proficient, correct and most of all confident with aerobatics. It’s not a lightning fix by any means but it goes a long way towards “Perfect practice makes perfect”!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New Martinsville, WV on 9/13/2019