Voith Schneider Drive with Brusless Motor

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Our first Voith Schneider drive was introduced in 1982 in our Thyssen II model boat.

This third-generation power drive has been manufactured with new tooling and numerous improvements to make this interesting product even better. Thanks to the Special VSP Brushless drive, it is now particularly efficient and silence.

This cyclic rotor drive opens a new range of possibilities to power your model boat and when combined with our radios where a dedicated mixer can control all the power drive functions you will have an integrated control and power drive only available from Graupner.

Compatible radios for controlling this unit are mz-32, mc-32, mc-20, mc-26 and mc-28


  • Brushless motor included
  • Lower installation height.
  • Longer battery life.
  • The drive can run slower at higher power.
  • Threaded connector for servo connection (2 x ball links)
  • Low power consumption; just 4A at full load.


  • Voith Schneider Unit
  • Manual
  • Brushless Motor