Schottel Boat Drive

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Developed by the Schottel company the Schottel drive is a common marine drive used in working boats such as tugs, ferries and buoy laying vessels. The Schottel drive is a propeller that is steerable through 360 degrees therefore improving the maneuverability of any vessel.

The drive motor's power is transferred via the ship's propeller which can swivel laterally in a Kort nozzle. Since the drive's thrust is controlled directly and not deflected by a rudder, the Schottel drive achieves a high level of efficiency.

The Schottel drive corresponds to the original design in terms of function and structure. The swivel range is 2 x 90° when using a 2 x 45° servo. The drive has been designed for use with SPEED 500 to SPEED 600 motors with a max. output of 50 watts.

The shafts are made of stainless V2A steel and feature ball bearings in the areas under significant load. The other bearings are made of high-quality bearing metal materials. The Kort nozzle of the drive is attached to the drive by means of a latch fastener, so the ship's propeller is easy to clean if it gets dirty.

This new and improved version is oxidized in a RAL 3009 color and does not require any painting. The supplied propeller is oxidized in a pear gold RAL 1036 color.


  • Servo DES 707 (P/N 7945)
  • Motor Speed 600 (P/N 1793)
  • ESC Navy V30R (P/N 2880)


  • Schottel drive unit
  • Manual