HSS-330 Dynamic Pressure Speed Sensor (Pitot Tube) - HoTT

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The CB Elektronics HSS-330 is a dynamic pressure sensor that provides real-time indicated airspeed in kilometers or miles per hour of your model. Measurement is done through a pitot tube that measures the difference between the air pressure and static air pressure after which the information is broadcasted over the telemetry channel providing valuable data such as air speed and stall speed.

The pilot is notified of an imminent stall of his airplane through the Graupner HoTT telemetry downlink.

The Graupner HSS-330 works with any Graupner radio. The HSS-330 is connected directly to the receiver’s telemetry port and is identified as GPS sensor. Stall speed calibration is required for the model prior to operation through test flights where the model stall speed is determined.


  • Easy to install on existing models
  • Measurement ranges from 30/330 km/h, 18/205 mi/h or 16/178 knots
  • Stall speed can be adjusted on the HSS-330 or HoTT radio
  • Dynamic pressure measurement like in real airplanes
  • Powerful 20Mhz RISC processor for fast calculations


  • HSS-330 Telemetry Module
  • Pitot Static Tube
  • Silicon tube