SAR Eiswette Salvage and Rescue Ship - 1:20

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Modeled off original shipyard plans, the beautifully detailed and precision-cut Graupner SAR Eiswette is one of our Easy Build Line of ships that will not disappoint you. This 1:20 scale ship comes with all the parts laser precut. Assembly requires only basic tools and some model building experience.  This model is detailed enough to allow experienced builders to add plenty of options and make custom changes and add additional features to increase and enhance the overall appearance and functionality of the ship. For reliability, performance and model-specific function expansion we highly recommend a Graupner radio such as the mc-16.

The Graupner Easy Build Line are distinguished in the industry by high-quality materials, extreme level of details and a thorough pre-production level setup.  The detailed CNC machined components shorten the lengthy and difficult work steps, making our models ideal for beginners and experts alike.  The model consists of a glass fiber-reinforced hull (GRP), numerous lasered or deep drawn deck and body parts made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), additional realism provided by photo-etched brass parts, numerous small-milled parts and a very extensive decoration set made of water transfer foil.

The SAR Eiswette comes with daughter boat Novize.  This boat is without function or drive, but can easily be expanded with RC by the model builder.


The SAR Eiswette is a rescue/salvage ship of the German Maritime Rescue Service, christened to replace the ageing SK30 of the same name. Built in 2008 by the Fassmer shipyard in Berne, the boat belongs to the new 20-meter class of the distress cruisers especially designed for near-shore and shallow-water use. Its daughter boat, Novize, is a rigid inflatable dinghy used for shoreline rescues.

The SAR Eiswette is currently in service patrolling the North Sea; her movements can be followed using any number of marine traffic websites!  She customarily determines whether the Weser River flows or is frozen during winter.


  • Premium kit with GRP hull
  • Deck and parts of superstructures made of CNC-milled ABS
  • Includes 500 class electric motor for propulsion
  • Includes 400 class motor for bow thrust
  • Servos for rudder pilot boat relese
  • RC installation kit
  • Complete fitting set made of PU cast parts and lasered ABS parts
  • Photo-etched brass
  • Extensive decoration set


  • All components and accessories for SAR Eiswette
  • Boat stand
  • RC installation kit
  • Stern tube
  • Ship screw
  • Steering system
  • Servos for rudders and tailgate
  • Two strong brush electric motors
  • Detailed instructions
  • 1: 1 building plan
  • Small parts and decals