H.M.S. Hood 1:150 ARTR

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An accurate scale model of the Royal Navy's battle cruiser of 1918, beautifully detailed and unmatched in the industry, the Graupner H.M.S. Hood is one of our Premium Line of historical ships that will not disappoint you.  Arriving Almost Ready to Run, the motors and rudder servo are already placed, and only the radio and electrical system need be installed before the boat is water-ready.  For reliability, performance, further telemetry and model-specific function expansion we highly recommend a Graupner radio such as the mc-16.

The Graupner Premium Line ships are carefully handcrafted and assembled using CNC processing to replicate the model as originally as possible. The hull is made from molded GRP complemented by the superstructure and deck which are constructed from laser-cut ABS parts. Many of the small items are made from metal, and almost everything is factory-assembled. The hull, parts of the superstructure, the masts and fittings are spray painted using semi-matt paints. Decals are already applied. With so many details and scale fittings, the Premium Line ships all have an impressive scale appearance.


Named after Admiral Samuel Hood, 1st Viscount Hood (1724 - 1816), the Admiral-class ships were developed during the First World War to counter the threat of the German Mackensen classes, but only HMS Hood made it to completion. The vessel was commissioned in 1920, while her three sister ships were cancelled and broken up.

The Battle of Skagerrak showed that battle cruisers were vulnerable to steeply-angled artillery fire.  Construction of the Hood continued despite this discouraging discovery, despite the fact that developing a completely new design with improved armor was under consideration at the time.

In the 1920's the ship became a national monument in Great Britain after gaining world-wide fame by completing a circumnavigation of the globe.

In 1941 the Hood, together with the battleship H.M.S. Prince of Wales, took part in the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck (accompanied by the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen). During this action the Hood came under devastating steep-angle fire from the Bismarck, which succeeded in gaining a hit in the main magazine. The gigantic resultant explosion split the Hood in two, and the wreck sank in just two minutes; there were only three survivors. The Prince of Wales was subsequently forced to break off the fight and turn away after suffering severe damage from artillery.


  • Almost ready-to-run (ARTR) model
  • GRP hull
  • Superstructure made from laser-cut ABS parts
  • Decks made from laser-cut wooden parts
  • Details and small parts made from metal
  • Fine detailing
  • Lifeboats with multi-colored paint scheme
  • Semi-matt colors
  • Rotating 38 cm main gun
  • Rotating 14 cm gun that tilts up and down
  • Four built-in SPEED 400 class electric motors
  • Simple installation of the RC components


  • H.M.S Hood
  • Boat Stand
  • Small Parts


All our Premium Line boats are carefully packaged and visually inspected prior to leaving our warehouse. The packaging has been drop-tested and can withstand normal freight transportation. In some cases, a part may come lose during transportation which can be easily glued back in place. Our Premium Line boats are insured during shipping and require a signature upon delivery.  We will not accept returns under any condition unless the packaging shows serious damage upon arrival. If the product arrives with major visible damage, we advise you to refuse delivery and take pictures of the packaging.


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