Admiral Panteleyev - Udaloy Class Destroyer 1:100

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Beautifully detailed and unmatched in the industry, the Graupner Admiral Panteleyev Udaloy class destroyer sets a new standard for our Premium line of ships that will not disappoint you.

The Almost Ready to Run Udaloy includes a set of 550 size motors, speed controllers, rudder servo, turning turrets, working radars and working lights. This is a first for our premium line of ships that sets the bar even higher from where it was before.

For reliability, performance, further telemetry and model-specific function expansion we highly recommend a Graupner radio such as the mc-16 which is fully pre-configured to control all the boat functions.

The Graupner Premium Line ships are carefully handcrafted and assembled using CNC processing to replicate the model as originally as possible. The hull is made from molded GRP complemented by the superstructure and deck which are constructed from laser-cut ABS parts. Many of the small items are made from metal, and almost everything is factory-assembled. The hull, parts of the superstructure, the masts and fittings are spray painted using semi-matt paints. Decals are already applied. With so many details and scale fittings, the Premium Line ships all have an impressive scale appearance.


The Udaloy I class are a series of anti-submarine destroyers built for the Soviet Navy, eight of which are currently in service with the Russian Navy. The Russian designation is Project 1155 Fregat. Twelve ships were built between 1980 and 1991, while a thirteenth ship built to a modified design as the Udaloy II class followed in 1999. They complement the Sovremennyy-class destroyer in anti-aircraft warfare and anti-surface warfare operations.

The Project 1155 dates to the 1970s when it was concluded that it was too costly to build large-displacement, multi-role combatants. The concept of a specialized surface ship was developed by Soviet designers. Two different types of warships were laid down which were designed by the Severnoye Design Bureau: Project 956 destroyer and Project 1155 large anti-submarine ship. The Udaloy class are generally considered the Soviet equivalent of the American Spruance-class destroyers. There are variations in SAM and air search radar among units of the class. Based on the Krivak class, the emphasis on anti-submarine warfare (ASW) left these ships with limited anti-surface and anti-air capabilities.

In 2015, the Russian Navy announced that five out of the eight Project 1155 ships will be refurbished and upgraded as part of the Navy modernization program by 2022. In addition to overhauling their radio-electronic warfare and life support systems, they will receive modern missile complexes to fire P-800 Oniks and Kalibr cruise missiles.[2] The ships are to have their service life extended by 30 years until sufficient numbers of Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates are commissioned. Upgrades will include replacing the Rastrub-B Silex missiles with 3S-24 angling launchers fitted with four 3S-34 containers using the 3M-24/SS-N-25 Switchbladeanti-ship missile, and two 3S-14-1155 universal VLS with 16 cells for Kalibr land attack, anti-ship, and anti-submarine cruise missiles in place of one of the AK-100 guns. Source wikipedia.


  • Finished Almost Ready to Run (ARTR) ship model
  • GRP hull
  • Operating turrets (2)
  • Operating radars (4)
  • Radio switchable navigation lights
  • Navy speed controller
  • 550 size built in motors (2)
  • Superstructure made from laser-cut ABS parts
  • Details and small parts made from metal
  • Fine detailing
  • Semi-matt colors
  • Simple installation of the RC components


  • Udaloy Class Destroyer
  • Boat Stand
  • Small Parts
  • Manual


All our Premium Line boats are carefully packaged and visually inspected prior to leaving our warehouse. The packaging has been drop-tested and can withstand normal freight transportation. In some cases, a part may come lose during transportation which can be easily glued back in place. Our Premium Line boats are insured during shipping and require a signature upon delivery.  We will not accept returns under any condition unless the packaging shows serious damage upon arrival. If the product arrives with major visible damage, we advise you to refuse delivery and take pictures of the packaging.


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Really impressed with the detail on this ship - amazing! I sea trialed the ship and found that it had sufficient power and handled great, but it is top heavy and thus a little unstable. I made a short, 2.7 lbs. keel which I attach using magnets (thus no holes in the hull) and it really improved the stability. I am using a 4 lb Powersonic 6V PS6100 battery placed just forward of the motors in conjunction with the keel system and it puts the ship right at waterline. Attached is a picture of the keel prototype I made.
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