R.M.S. Titanic 1:150 ARTR

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The Graupner R.M.S. Titanic is one of our Premium Line of ships, beautifully detailed and unmatched in the industry.  Arriving Almost Ready to Run, the motors, electrical system and rudder servo are already placed, and only the radio need be installed before the boat is seaworthy.  For reliability, performance, further telemetry and model-specific function expansion we highly recommend a Graupner radio such as the mc-16.

The Graupner Premium Line ships are carefully handcrafted and assembled using CNC processing to replicate the model as originally as possible. The hull is made from molded GRP complemented by the superstructure and deck which are constructed from laser-cut ABS parts. Many of the small items are made from metal, and almost everything is factory-assembled. The hull, parts of the superstructure, the masts and fittings are spray painted using semi-matt paints. Decals are already applied. With so many details and scale fittings, the Premium Line ships all have an impressive scale appearance.


The British passenger ship the R.M.S. Titanic is probably the most famous ship in the world, inspiring imaginations and numerous works of popular culture, books, songs, films, exhibits, and memorials. Laid down in 1909 and completed in early 1912, Titanic was at the time the largest ship in the world and pompously hailed as unsinkable. Operated by White Star Lines, Titanic began its maiden voyage from Southampton on April 10, 1912, destined for New York City.  Its passengers included some of Europe‚Äôs wealthiest people in addition to hundreds of immigrants. 

Four days into its Atlantic crossing the Titanic collided with an iceberg, sinking within two hours and 40 minutes.  Of the 2,224 passengers and crew aboard, more than 1,500 died, mostly poor immigrants and working crew. The high number of victims, inadequate number of lifeboats, disorganized evacuation protocol and dramatic rescue attempts help to shroud Titanic in the mystery that still surrounds it today.


  • Finished Almost Ready to Run (ARTR)
  • Hull made out GRP
  • Laser cut superstructure ABS parts
  • Many metal parts enhance the details
  • Dinghies in different sizes and colors
  • All decorative decals are factory applied
  • Superstructure, hull, cranes spray painted with matt colors
  • Electric motors built in
  • Wooden ship stand included


  • R.M.S Titanic Ship
  • Boat Stand
  • Small Parts


All of our premium line of boats are carefully packaged and visually inspected prior to leaving our warehouse. The packaging has been drop tested and can withstand normal freight transportation. In some cases, a part may come lose during transportation which can be easily glued back in place. We will not accept returns under any condition unless the packaging show serious damage on arrival. In case the product arrives with major visible damage we advise to refuse the delivery and take pictures of the packaging. We ship our premium line of boats insured and they require a signature on delivery.


Our Premium Line of ships are not always readily available and some have long lead times. You can place yourself on the waiting list and we will notify you when the product is back in stock. If you want to secure delivery of the product we provide the option to pre-order the product. Pre-orders require full payment at the time of ordering. You can give our sales department a call who can give you also an estimated time of arrival of the product.