J. Kinder Flybridge Motor Yacht 1:20 ARTR
Graupner Kinder Design 1:20 Yacht

J. Kinder Flybridge Motor Yacht 1:20 ARTR

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The Munich-based designer Joachim Kinder worked in cooperation with Graupner to realize this 1:20 scale model of their 72ft flybridge motor yacht.  As one of our Premium Line of ships, this yacht is beautifully detailed and unmatched in the industry.  Arriving Almost Ready to Run, the motors, electrical system and rudder servo are already placed, and the only the radio need be installed before the boat is seaworthy.  The J. Kinder Design yacht is known for its agile maneuverability and precise steering under most conditions.

The Graupner Premium Line boats are carefully handcrafted and assembled using CNC processing to replicate the model as originally as possible. The hull is made from molded GRP complemented by the superstructure and deck which are constructed from laser-cut ABS parts. Many of the small items are made from metal, and almost everything is factory-assembled. The hull, parts of the superstructure, the masts and fittings are finely spray painted using satin-finish colors. Decals are already applied. With so many details and scale fittings, this yacht is as much fun as if you were on the deck of such a luxury boat yourself.


J. Kinder Design specializes in modern and measured design concepts for yachts, super yachts and luxury boats. The yacht is highly recognizable by its large proportion of glass on the superstructure and hull, aimed at blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces without compromising the structural integrity of the yacht itself.  Passengers can enjoy amazing panoramic views, natural light and spacious interiors, allowing a more intimate integration with external marine surroundings. 

Large enough to accommodate eight guests and cabin crew, the yacht is equipped with state-rooms, laundry facilities, a pantry and service counter, and many modern appliances such as a large refrigerator.  The yacht was designed for Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, and premiered at the Dubai International Boat Show 2012. 


  • Almost ready-to-run (ARTR) model
  • GRP hull
  • Superstructure made from laser-cut ABS parts
  • Details and small parts made from metal
  • Finely detailed booms
  • Hull, superstructure, are spray-painted in satin-finish colors
  • Two electric motor installed
  • Simple installation of the RC components


  • J. Kinder Flybridge Motor Yacht ARTR
  • Boat Stand
  • Small Parts


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