HoTTrigger 1400 Sport 3D Red | PNP

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Brand: Graupner
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Designed to satisfy the aspiring sport pilot as well as the experienced 3D pilot the HoTTrigger 1400 will not disappoint with its flight performance. Designed around the NACA 63-A-mod the HoTTriger has a wide flight envelope that can take you from slow flight to high speed in a controlled and safe way.

Made out of SOLIDPOR© the HoTTrigger is strong and can take a beating. Flight performance and strength is further enhanced with seamless control surfaces attached to the main wing and elevator further ensuring a streamlined design with minimal drag.

The wings are attached to the fuselage with a special locking mechanism making assembly at the field easy while also securing the wings during flight.

The HoTTrigger 1400 comes fully assembled with motor, ESC, servos and mounting materials. Assembly is straightforward and requires basic tools to finish. There are two versions of the HoTTrigger 1400 where the SD version comes with the option to spray paint the fuselage and using the supplied decal set for final finish.


  • Easy access to battery compartment
  • Carbon tube for main wing
  • Aluminum main landing gear
  • Detachable rudder and stabilizer
  • Custom ball link control horns
  • Quick wing lock assembly (no screws)
  • Optional creative designs with supplied decals
  • Controls: Aileron, Rudder, Elevator, Motor


  • Powerful motor rated for 4S operation
  • 4 x Control Servos
  • Speed controller with BEC
  • Main landing gear and wheels
  • Wheel pants
  • Propeller and spinner
  • Decorative decals SD and IRON design


  • Minimal 5 channel radio
  • Battery LiPo 4S 2200 mAh