Hornet 250 Tri-Copter Frame KIT

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Become an expert on multirotor assembly and operation by building your own Hornet 250 Tri-Copter.  Have fun customizing your model with your own flight controller, power supply, electronics and components.  

Experience racing in a different light with the new Hornet 250 Tri-Copter! The Hornet will introduce you to a new style of flying where control is extremely precise, and flight response is very agile and nimble. The Hornet is very forgiving, making it the perfect choice for the first time FPV beginner. 

The frame design and color makes the Hornet easy to see and recognize at all attitudes during flight. LED light colors can be changed during flight for enhanced visibility and the specially designed polycarbonate frame ensures that all electronic components are well protected in the event of a mishap.

Go out and get your build on!


  • Strong polycarbonate frame
  • Lightweight and robust materials
  • Unique tricopter flight feeling and flight image
  • Perfectly protected RC components
  • Folding arms for front rotors


  • Hornet 250 Tri-Copter frame
  • Screws and small parts for assembly