The Graupner flight controllers can be used in airplane or helicopter mode providing different types of stabilization for airplanes as well as flybarless control for helicopters.

With an optional firmware update our flight controllers can also be used for multirotor products in different modes including 3D flight.

The broad range of versatility and benefits of our flight controllers can be summarized as follows:


  • 3 in 1 flight controller for airplane, helicopter and multirotor.
  • Airplane mode provides flight stabilization, heading hold and heading rate mode.
  • Helicopter mode provides an advanced flybarless control for a swash with up to 4 servos
  • Multirotor mode provides Oneshot, Multishot8 and Multshot32 support and smart audio
  • Setup is conveniently done from the radio. No computers or cables needed.
  • Built-in receiver channel mixers for advanced airframe setup like V-Tails and Delta wings
  • Digital output signal for SUMD, SBUS and SUMDI
  • Most settings can be adjusted during flight for optimal performance


We provide a wide selection of flight controllers depending on your application and needs.

Our flight controllers are easy to setup and we have several supporting videos that illustrate multi-mode setup of our flight controllers.

Below videos provide the needed information to setup your flight controller.