Thunder Tiger Jackal Desert Buggy - 1:10 - 4WD - RTR - Black

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P/N: T6544-F112
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The Thunder Tiger Jackal is a 1:10 scale 4WD Off-Road Buggy with the coolest design you have seen in a while. The Jackal is easy to drive and easy to maintain. Engineered to be a true desert-buggy with realistic features making it a unique off-road basher built to pack a punch!

The Jackal has a front single wheel suspension and a rigid differential axle that provides perfect traction especially on rough terrain. The body can be folded backwards at the roll bar making quick battery change fast and easy.

The Jackal is equipped with high-quality components such as brushless motor and a water-resistant speed controller which provides optimal performance and driving characteristics. The built-in servo saver on the steering servo will intercept light shocks protecting the servo from any damage.

The model impresses with its scale appearance. The three-piece body is pre-painted (optionally black or brown) and equipped with a robust roll cage. A full spare wheel is mounted on the trunk.


Flip-Top body for easy battery exchange and maintenance15.4: 1 gear ratio and heavy duty sealed gear differential
The Jackals unique flip-top body design makes battery replacements fast and easy and provides access to the interior parts for maintenance. The adjustable battery tray is situated near the back of the vehicle where batteries can be secured with the supplied Velcro straps. The Velcro strap buckle design ensures that the battery will remain firm in the tray during rough road conditions.The sealed gear box effectively protects the drive from dust and debris ensuring higher efficiency and performance from your power transmission system. The tough and rigid material allows the gearbox to withstand high torque and load demands whilst keeping sound and vibration to a minimum.
Oil filled shocks and adjustable pre-load springsHigh traction tires with insert
Better stability is achieved with the 4 sets of hydraulic shock absorbers even under harsh terrain conditions. By adjusting the force of the springs according to the road conditions, you can handle any challenge on any terrain as extreme as it may be.The off-road 4-wheel alignment equips the Jackal with an aggressive visual appearance, superb drainage, exceptional steering response, and strong traction even under dirt and sandy roads. Coupled with an efficient suspension design, the Jackal will yield superior off-road performance even under high-speed.
Water-resistant receiver compartmentHeavy-duty slipper clutch
The sturdy water-resistant receiver compartment isolates any potential dirt and water penetration and will protect your electronics. Not even muddy, rainy, and snowy conditions cannot deter the Jackal from smooth, optimal and reliable performance.The adjustable heavy-duty slipper clutch enables you to adjust the power output according to your preferences. Whether you want to accelerate at full blast or control your Jackal under milder acceleration, it's all up to you!