LiPo Battery 1S2P 3.7V 6000 mAh (mc-16, mc-20, mc-26, mc-28, mc-32)

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Replacement battery for the mc-16, mc-20, mc-26, mc-28, mc-32 radios

The Graupner 1S2/6000 LiPo battery comes with two identical output leads for connecting to either the charger or the radio.


The charge current cannot exceed 1.5A when charged with an external charger.


  • High-voltage LiPo with a max. Charging voltage of 4.35V
  • This is about 10% higher capacity compared to standard load
  • Rated voltage 3.8 V


  • Graupner 1S2P 6000 mAh LiPo Battery


This battery cannot be shipped outside North America and can only be shipped with ground service