Mini Jet Drive Set

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The Graupner Jet-Drive can be used for racing boats, ferries and fast yachts where direct and precise control is needed.

The Jet-Drive is designed around a pump that draws the water through an opening at the bottom of the hull which is then accelerated via an impeller and then ejected through an opening from the rear. Here the Newtonian law applies, according to which the backward jet of water produces an equally great forward reaction to the boat body.

Boats equipped with jet propulsion can drive in very shallow water, since all the parts under the hull such as propeller, shaft and rudder are replaced with the Jet-Drive. In addition, the approach acceleration is very high, which is particularly advantageous for dragster boats.

There is also no heeling moment as with a conventional ship propeller therefore increasing ship stability on the water. Please note that the water in a jet drive must travel longer distances through narrow ducts, friction losses occur which require a little more energy than in a conventional drive so make sure your power system is capable in handling the extra loads.

When the reverse drive is actuated, the water jet can be deflected forward so that the ship moves backwards. For high efficiency the engine speed should be reversed only 1/3 to 1/2 the maximum speed.

The Graupner Jet-Drive is suitable for SPEED 600 series electric motors as well as brushless motors. This Jet-Drive is also used with our Multi-Jet boat P/N 2155.V2.


  • Easy to assemble
  • All parts included
  • Optimized for Graupner Navy VR30 ESC


  • Injection molded parts
  • Motor coupling
  • SPEED 600 brushed motor
  • Assembly manual