Voltage Module 2-4S, XH with XH Adapter

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Monitor your LiXX batter pack with the Graupner Voltage Module 2-4S using any Graupner HoTT telemetry system.  Maintain continuous cell voltage monitoring when the battery is connected to the module via the balancer connector.  Program the module to trigger a warning alarm if the voltage drops below a programmed value.  Never be caught unawares again.


This Voltage Module has an additional XH plug used to power Alpha 250Q copter external devices (i.e. FPV gear and cameras).


  • Connects as a General Telemetry Module
  • No Need for additional telemetry modules
  • Single cell measurement of a 2-4 S lithium battery with warning threshold for min. single cell voltage 2.7-3.9 V
  • XH balancing connector


  • Voltage Module 2-4S XH
  • Manual


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