Our new range of multirotor products offer a fully integrated plug and play solution for setting up copters in an easy and fast way.

The all in one flight controller P/N S1038 can be setup, programmed and tuned over the air with any HoTT radio making computers and cables obsolete. It provides real-time telemetry of critical data such as voltage, RSSI, temperatures and when used with our 4in1 ESC also current and used battery capacity.

It provides connection sockets to FPV transmitters as well as RGB-LED’s which can be controlled from the radio. Support for Smartaudio to switch FPV channels and TX output power is supported as well.

The AIO fight controller can be used with the Ultra Control 4in1 ESC available in 15A and 30A and 2-4S power configurations.

When combined with our new AIO GPS module you can add autopilot functions such as waypoint flying and coming home using your iPhone or Android device for flight planning.

The integration of all functions and hardware is what makes these products easy to use and to setup.

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