Our new serial GR-12L diversity receivers provide the much-needed flexibility for those that use flight controllers in need of a reliable RF link combined with real-time telemetry information.

Communication between the serial receiver and flight controller can be set for SUMD, SBUS or SP2048 using a single wire which reduces installation complexity and wire clutter.

There are two models available where each provide installation flexibility depending on user needs.

The PCB version provides installation options to existing frames such as multi rotors and provides connections to additional servo or switching channels for LED or switching transistors.

Real-time telemetry for RSSI, voltage and temperature are provided and RSSI information is provided as part of the serial communication stream.

The GR-12L serial diversity receiver is designed to interface with third party flight controllers like Betaflight, Raceflight, Potenza, Bavarian Demon, Spirit, V-Stabi, Microbeast, Ikon, Neuron, 3Digi or any SUMD/SBUS/SP2048 compatible flight controller.

Availability: Early February 2019


Small Footprint on 700 Size Helicopter using SUMD with Axon FBL