Polaron AC/DC SPORTS 240W 7S 3" B/W and Touch LCD (Silver)

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Brand: Graupner
P/N: S2004
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  • Sleek silver color
  • Optimal space saving design
  • Friendly 128 x 64 graphic LCD screen with touch buttons
  • 120W DC per channel and 60W AC per channel
  • Charges LiPo, LiLo, LiFe (up to 7 cells), NiCd, NiMh (up to 14 cells), Pb 1-12 cells
  • Support for parallel charging of multiple batteries on a single channel
  • 20 memory battery profile channels for each charge port (total 40 memories)
  • USB data port for firmware updates and PC charger monitoring
  • External USB charge port for tablets or smartphones


  • Polaron AC/DC Sports Charger
  • AC Power Cord
  • 2 x EH to XH 7S balancing boards and cables
  • 2 x Temperature sensors
  • 2 x Charge cable
  • 2 x Aligator clip
  • Charger stand
  • USB cable
  • DC input cable
  • Manual



Charge multiple batteries simultaneously with the Graupner Polaron AC/DC Sports dual-charger in a compact case that is easy to store and transport. The TFT LCD touchscreen gives the Polaron AC/DC Sports a user-friendly interface. Automatic setup provides optimal charge profiles, ensuring efficient and safe charging – simply enter the battery type, cell numbers and capacity information and the Polaron AC/DC Sports will do the rest!  Eliminate the need to re-enter battery information by using up to 20 different memory profiles – just select the appropriate battery profile and press CHARGE.

Safe handling and monitoring is easy when the Polaron AC/DC Sports is attached to the supplied balancing boards and when used with the enclosed temperature sensors that carefully monitor high charge rate batteries. Prolong the life-cycle of your batteries by placing them in Store Mode when not in use.  Personalize your look with the silver casing. 

Attach the Polaron AC/DC Sports to an external 12V power supply for indoor or outdoor use.  Stay informed on a desktop or laptop computer via the USB connection by monitoring the charging process or upgrading the firmware with our free Graupner Update Studio.  The Polaron AC/DC Sports masterfully brings new life to your batteries and hobby experience!