Voltage Module with SBEC for GR-10C

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Specially designed to work with the GR-10C multirotor flight controller receiver, the Graupner Voltage Module provides real-time telemetry for main battery pack voltage information and functions as a Switching Battery Eliminating Circuit (SBEC) to power your receiver, enabling you to use ESCs that have no integrated BEC functionality.

Adjust the SBEC to provide a voltage between 4.5 and 8.0 V via your HoTT radio or SMART-BOX, sufficient enough voltage to power multiple servos and FPV systems.  Program the Module to provide multi-level telemetry voltage warnings about the state of the battery so you are never caught unawares again.


This voltage module is supplied with a connector that fits the GR-10C multirotor flight controller.


  • Compact design to power your multirotor and FPV equipment
  • Dual operation as Telemetry Voltage Module and SBEC
  • Multi-Level Telemetry Warnings


  • Voltage Module with SBEC for GR-10C
  • Receiver connector cable
  • Manual