Quad FPV Racing Power Pack - 220 - 280 Size

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Looking for a hassle-free way to get your FPV race copter up and going?  The Graupner Quad FPV Racing Power Pack will provide everything you need to start configuring your 220 - 280 sized multirotor models. 


The included Graupner Brushless motors ULTRA 2806 2300kV are high-performance motors designed to work hard under challenging racing conditions.

The motors are specially machined with high tolerances and hand-wound at the Graupner factory, making them ideal for 220 - 280 sized copters. The design provides optimal efficiency and good cooling during operation. The special multi-turn winding and the 6mm magnets ensure high torque with direct drive for optimal performance and excellent power-to-weight ratio.


The Graupner Ultra Control 20A Race ESC is the perfect controller for any multirotor, combining a compact design (23 x 12 x 5mm) and light weight (7g) to provide fast response times.  The ESC settings have been specifically optimized for use with multirotor models.

The Ultra Control 20 A is based on the latest BL-Heli Open Source Software and the flight controller is presently the only open source Electronic Speed Control that uses the advanced 50MHz Silabs processors. With twice the clock rate compared to its predecessors it guarantees higher maximum speeds and precise timing at high speeds.

The amplifier is housed in a 3.3 x 3.3 DFN package. The field effect transistors (FET) have an extremely low internal resistance (<1.7 mOhm). Special FET drivers provide a more effective active recovery and better cooling for the amplifiers. The ceramic capacitors allow super-fast start-up times and guarantee high operational reliability.

The active Damped Light mode allows a more precise flight behavior. The Ultra Control 20A Race automatically detects normal (PPM) receiver pulses, ONESHOT, D-Shot, and Multishot capable flight controllers like the Graupner GR-18.

The Ultra Control 20A Race can programmed and updated with the Graupner USB updater (P/N 7168.6) using the BL Heli desktop software.


The included SBEC (Switching Battery Eliminating Circuit) will power your systems, such as receiver and cameras, with a continuous current of up to 3A. When used with a Graupner radio the SBEC provides real-time telemetry voltage information about your main battery pack (up to 22.2V) and can be programmed to provide multi-level telemetry voltage warnings to notify you about battery power levels, significantly reducing accidents.

The SBEC provides voltage between 4.5V and 8.0V, sufficient to power multiple servos and FPV systems.  Adjust the voltage level needed for your system by using a HoTT radio or Smart-Box.


The included Graupner C-Prop copter propellers have been specially designed for multirotor usage. Quieter than standard propellers they produce less noise, making them suitable for aerial photography.  The thin blade profile provides higher efficiency and ensures longer flight times.


  • 2 x Graupner Ultra 2806 – 2300 Kv CW (P/N S7049)
  • 2 x Graupner Ultra 2806 – 2300 Kv CCW (P/N S7050)
  • 4 x Graupner Ultra Control 20A ONESHOT (P/N S3056)
  • 4 x C-Props 5 x 3 (2 x CW, 2 x CCW) or 4 x C-Props 6 x 3 (select at checkout)
  • 1 x Voltage Module with SBEC (P/N S8446)
  • 1 x Velcro battery strap
  • Manuals