HoTT General Engine Module 2-6S
General Engine Module 2-6S

HoTT General Engine Module 2-6S

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Monitor real-time telemetry data with the Graupner HoTT General Engine Module 2-6S for your gas or nitro engine.  Program various in-flight information parameters (battery voltage, individual cell voltage, flight altitude, battery consumption, etc.) to provide alarms and warnings in case certain thresholds are exceeded: no more surprise situations such as sudden battery depletion or accidentally flying out-of-range!  Expand your telemetry sensors with various RPM modules or fuel monitors (sold separately).

The Graupner General Engine Module is an important asset during flight, increasing safety and situational awareness to improve your system's reliability and performance.


  • 2 to 6S LiPo battery voltage measurement and individual cell voltage measurement
  • Low voltage warning function
  • Voltage measurement and warning function (3 batteries)
  • Temperature measurement and warning function by temperature sensors (P/N 33612, 33613)
  • Engine, motor RPM measurements by RPM sensors (P/N 33616, 33615)
  • Engine fuel consumption (P/N 33618, 33617)
  • Current limiting programmable
  • Warning time can be set to: OFF, 5, 10, 15, 29, 30 seconds
  • Warning repeat time can be set to: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes


  • Graupner HoTT General Engine Module
  • JR 2-pin connecting wire
  • LiPo 6 cell Connector
  • Manual


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