SoundSwitch V2 for Model Ships

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Brand: Graupner
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The Graupner soundswitch module V2 enables the modeler to add realistic sounds to his ship models. Engine sounds are realistically controlled with the throttle stick and are speed dependent providing realistic sounds of a diesel engine including startup and stopping sounds.

In addition, the Graupner soundswitch V2 provides up to 20 different sounds like reverse engine sound, horns, typhoon and many typical ships signal sounds. The module can operate with up to four channels where one channel is exclusively for engine sound control and the other channels can be used to play additional sounds.

The Graupner soundswitch V2 is also equipped with seven switching outputs for LEDâ€Ã¢â€žÂ¢s, lamps, or relays for implementing various light effects for added realism of your ship model.

With the included software you configure the soundswitch and also add your own sounds via your PC.


  • Realistic sounds of diesel ship engine
  • Sounds for common ship functions such as horns and signal sounds
  • User configurable sound creation
  • Desktop software for easy setup and expansion
  • Updateable firmware over USB
  • Sound control over up to 4 radio channels
  • Works with any radio system


  • Graupner SoundSwitch V2 Ship
  • Various cables
  • PC Software CD