Occasionally, we at Graupner notice new products that we feel add lots of value to our customers and StickMover from our German friends at Avirem is one of them.

Manny of us have been using flight simulators to practice new maneuvers or to just get our rusty fingers back into shape after a long absence from the flying field.

While simulators are great tools to learn and work on your skills they do not develop and program your muscle memory to perform certain maneuvers which are needed for some of the more complicated flying figures.

This is where the StickMover comes into play. It not only shows you how to fly a new flying maneuver, but it also lets you feel each movement needed on your control sticks to later perform the same figure at the field like an ace!

Additionally, StickMover works with existing flight simulators like AeroflyRC v8, LiftOff and neXt (more to come) which lets you use your own radio to try new figures while the StickMover synchronizes with your control stick inputs and lets replay the flight so that you can judge your movements and catch any errors that need improvements.

The StickMover is also an excellent tool for flight instructors teaching new students proper control input and a better sense as to how to translate visual cues to physical control inputs on their radio.

As with any learning device, repetition and persistence is key to success. The more you will use StickMover the faster you will progress with building up your skills and muscle memory needed to move from simulation to the flying field.

We at Graupner are excited with this new product and look forward to meeting our new RC aces at the flying field!

Graupner will be presenting the StickMover at the AMA East show and Weak Signals Expo in Toledo.