High-Voltage Switching Module SXH

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Designed for high-loads and voltages, the Graupner High-Voltage Switching Module SXH is the “electronic successor” of conventional mechanical servo top-mounted switches.   The SXH Module allows you to use the transmitter and receiver to switch on/off pumps or engines simply by assigning a stick or switch position!  The SXH Module is ideally suited for ignition interruption in gasoline engines.


  • High-load/voltage switching functions, i.e. On / Off
  • Maximum switchable voltage: 5-cell LiPo batteries, 14-cell NiMH batteries, (21.5V)
  • Designed for currents up to 16A
  • Supply of the module via the receiver battery up to max. 8.5V (2-cell LiPo batteries)


  • Graupner High-Voltage Switching Module SXH
  • Manual