Ultra 2809 2300KV Brushless Motor CW

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The new Graupner Brushless Motor ULTRA 2809 is a high-performance motor for all multirotor type of applications as well as foam airplanes, helicopters and 3D copters.

This motor is specially machined with high tolerances and hand wound at the Graupner factory and can be ideally used with 250 – 330 sized copters. The design provides optimal efficiency and good cooling during operation. The special multi-turn winding and the 9 mm magnets ensure high torque with direct drive for optimal performance and excellent power to weight ratio. The ULTRA 2809 2300 kV motor is used to power our highly popular 3D copter the Alpha 300Q. If you are into 3D flying than this motor is the right choice for you.

When combined with the Graupner Ultra Control ONESHOT 20A ESC (S3056) the ULTRA 2809 will perform at best peak performance with instantaneous and consistent control during each flight maneuvers.

We recommend using 5 – 6 inches copter props like C-Props 1349.5.5x3 or 1348.6x3 series and for 3D flight the 2948.6x3 3D prop series


  • High performance motor for multirotor and small foam models
  • Hand wounded stator
  • High Torque
  • Optimal power to weight ratio
  • Optimized for 250 - 330 sized copters


  • ULTRA 2809 2300 Kv Motor CW