V-MAXX 50C 3/1500 XT60/XH LiPo Battery for Alpha 250, Alpha 300Q, Hornet 250Q

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Characterized by a high load capacity, the Graupner V-MAXX 3/1500mA 11.1V LiPo Battery has an XT-60 connector and XH balancing plug, making it the ideal replacement battery for the Alpha 250, Alpha 300Q or Hornet 250Q Race copters.

The V-MAXX batteries are known for their low internal resistance, allowing them to remain significantly cooler during operation than similar batteries with a lower C-rate.  The high reserve capabilities of the V-MAXX batteries guarantee sufficient power to sustain multiple flight cycles.  The lightweight construction ensures maximum performance of your model.  The V-MAXX batteries charge best with Graupner Polaron chargers (e.g. Polaron Pro Combo P/N S2014).


  • Lightweight
  • Cooler, due to lower internal resistance
  • Longer application times due to higher cycle strength
  • Extremely high stress


  • V-MAXX 3/1500mA 11.1V XT/XH LiPo Battery