Watercutter Hydro Race Boat ARTR

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The Graupner hydro watercutter is fast, agile and of high quality ready to deliver high performance racing. You will be impressed with the fast-paced handling! The model is equipped with very high-quality components and designed and manufactured with the utmost care. The brushless motor is a perfect race combo together with the water cooled speed controller which ensures that the power drive is always kept cool under any condition.

The GRP hull is already prepared for radio installation with any 2-channel radio system


  • Readymade GRP hull with electronics installed
  • Built in water cooled brushless race motor and speed controller
  • Powerful steering servo installed
  • Includes boat stand


  • Graupner Watercutter ARTR
  • Boat stand
  • Manual

Before the Watercutter get wet, I sprayed several clear coat on the inside of the hull, in particular the wooden parts. The reason is that no matter what you try to keep the water out, it will eventually get inside. And the wood part (lightly clear coated from the factory) will get rotten. I also added several pool noodles cut to fit the cavity inside as the floatation. At the lake with stock outfit and 3S 4500mAh 30C lipo, I was surprise how peppy it was and it’s very quiet. After a few laps, I felt that I need more left rudder. Yes, I do know that it’s designed to turn right with huge turn fin behind the right sponson but the layout of the lake that I run plus the wind direction; I have to be able to turn left sharply sometime. I then looked for the bigger rudder; stock one is 75 mm. long. I couldn’t find one fast, so I fashioned the rudder extension with a piece of carbon fiber, thus it is 95 mm. Next, I tried both CNC aluminum and metal propellers ranging from 35 mm/ 1.4 pitch up to 38 mm. 1.9 pitch. With stock mild motor, the aluminum CNC 35 mm. 1.4 pitch worked the best in term of speed, control and duration which was about 8 minutes with 4500 pack mentioned above. I managed to modified my Watercutter to be self-right. Now I don’t have to worry about my boat capsize anymore, so it’s time to go all out speed. With 4S 3500 mAh 35C and 37 mm. aluminum prop, the boat got on the plane almost instantly and rode just right on the water surface. I didn’t have to adjust either the prop depth or angle of attack, not even battery location adjustment!! The irony of this review is that after several weeks of the run and with the self-right modification, no matter how hard I try I never once managed to flip my Watercutter. It almost comes to the point where I may want to remove the lead weight, the hatch foam and close the flood chamber then turn it into a seal floatation. In conclusion, this is one of my favorite boat now (I have over 15 with all different hulls) and it will be suitable for the beginner as well. With stock setup, it has plenty of speed to excite the driver of any skill.
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