X-Cell 220 Race Copter 4mm Frame

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Designed in collaboration with Dunkan Bossion, the X-Cell 220 was specially developed, tested and optimized for racing.  The X-Cell is known for maneuverability and excellence in test phases, winning races, top placings and fastest race times, bringing the x-configuration design to maturity.

With a diagonal frame span of 8.62in (219mm) and a center of gravity that allows fast movement, extreme yaw maneuvers and tight turns and corners, you will be able to get the most out of any competition flight.  Despite its stable construction, the X-Cell weighs in at only 3.4oz (98g).  The X-Cell is characterized by its high stability, forgiveness towards flight errors and can survive hard impacts. 

The modular carbon fiber frame is specially handcrafted with focus on maximum performance and maneuverability.  The simple design consists of few parts and is secured with integrated aluminium screws.  Special attention was paid to assure leading RC and FPV components could easily be installed or removed.  The camera frame is easily adjustable to angles between 0° and 60°, making it easy to change the incline of the FPV camera. 

Fly it hard or fly it safe, the X-Cell 200 can accommodate the needs of any pilot. 


  • Pure carbon fiber
  • Centered focus
  • Suitable for most leading copter components and all popular video transmitters
  • Modular design
  • Integrated angle scale for FPV CAM
  • No props visible in video images of cameras set around 25 degrees angle (preferred for racing and freestyle)
  • Well-protected and stable camera assembly thanks to lens mount
  • Extremely stable and rigid superstructure
  • Quick assembly
  • High top speed due race props and low attack surface at high angles of attack
  • Easy mounting of an additional HD Camera
  • Suitable for 5 - 6 inch Props


  • CFK Carbon fiber frame components 
  • Exploded View
  • Fasteners