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The Graupner X-44 VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) is and airplane and can take off vertically just like a helicopter or quadcopter. After reaching a safe altitude the X-44 will tilt its four motors and transition to horizontal flight mode. The Graupner X-44 makes runways a thing of the past.

With just the flip of a switch on your transmitter the motor nacelles gently rotate to transition your X-44 into, and out of, the hover. As they do the flight controller automatically changes the flight mode from a stabilized quad set-up to fixed-wing elevon control.

The X-44 is a perfect airplane for advanced and experienced pilots. The X-44 provides an ideal opportunity to fly an aircraft that not only presents a challenge but a unique and captivating sight in the air.


  • Requires very little assembly time
  • Installed flight control board allows enables true VTOL flight control
  • Works with any six-channel radio
  • Runs on a 1300 mAh 4S LiPo battery
  • A potentially superb FPV platform.
  • Spare propeller set


  • Graupner X-44 VTOL
  • Small Parts
  • Manual