HV Micro Linear Servo - Mosquito R - SH

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The Graupner Mosquito is a linear, high voltage servo which can operate on voltages of up to 8.4V or 2S LiPo battery.

Its ultra-small size provides many possibilities for installation possibilities in small indoor airplane models with wingspan of up to 500mm or as a servo for controlling multiple gadgets such as doors, controls or anything to add an additional scale touch.

Let its small size not trick you as the Mosquito provides the speed and torque power needed to reliably control your micro model.

It comes in a left and right version for maximal installation flexibility.

The Mosquito can operate with any radio system and is suitable for use with our GR-12 SH Gyro receiver and six channel GR-12 SH+ receiver.


  • High Voltage (HV) operation (max 8.4V)
  • Very small footprint
  • Precise, fast and powerful
  • Linear servo movement


  • Mosquito HV Servo with SH Connector